What’s Flutter? Is it worth learning Flutter in 2021?


Have you ever thought, what if you could make apps for all the major platforms like Web, Android, and iOS by using one programming language🤔?

Why Flutter is worth trying?

  1. High speed of development
  2. Rich in UI
  3. Native like performance
  4. Low-Cost App Development
  5. Plenty of plugins and packages
  6. An outstanding collection of Flutter’s Widgets
  7. Dart, the backbone of Flutter
  8. Community support
  9. Own rendering engine(Skia)
  10. Other cool integrations


To get started you just need a Mac or a pc with decent specs with flutter SDK and android studio and you are ready to make your app.

Flutter google trends.
Flutter google trends.
Flutter -Google Trends

High speed of development

Today is the era of speed, and why not expect it in building apps as well ?. No worries, Flutter got you covered, by its hot reload🔥 feature to build and see your code come to life instantaneously. You can add features and fix those nasty bugs in no time. With Flutter, you will never lose the state of the app on emulators and simulators.

Rich in UI

Rich in UI.
Rich in UI.
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Native like performance

How about differences in different platforms? you may ask🤔.

Low-cost app development

Low Cost of development
Low Cost of development
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Plenty of plugins and packages

Flutter- Plugins and Packages

An outstanding collection of Flutter’s Widgets

Flutter has a variety of different widgets that are available with SDK. You can easily implement the features like appbars, buttons, etc by simply passing the parameters. It’s so amazing that you can get an appbar added to your App, with just one line of code🥳.

Dart, the backbone of Flutter

Dart Programming Language.
Dart Programming Language.

Community support

Yes, as you might have thought Flutter community is smaller as compared to other languages like Javascript. But bigger is not always better. Many awesome developers like you are joining the community. And with the speed at which Flutter is spreading, I am sure Flutter will have a much larger community👥.

Own rendering engine

Flutter gives smooth animation and motion experience which the help of Skia. Skia is an open-source 2D graphics library that provides common APIs that work across plenty of hardware and software platforms.

Other support


Apps made with Flutter

Are you still doubting the potential of Flutter?

Your app.
Your app.
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I am sure I have convinced you to have a try on Flutter👀. There’s so much more to flutter than what we discussed. Flutter is perfect for MVP.


Hey! You are still here, Which means you are thinking about trying flutter! Isn’t it!

A mindful😇 and optimistic🕊️ Flutter app developer📱 who likes being a minimalist🌱.